The second edition of Blood on the Blade is now  available on Wargame Vault!

This new edition of the rules include a lot of new components to improve your gaming sessions:

  • Mounted Characters rules
  • New Enemies (Demons, Giants, Elves)
  • Revised Enemies (Araknos, Lizardmen, Major Undeads)
  • New Character Advancements
  • Flasks and Potion rules
  • Flying and Mounted Enemies
  • Event Marker activation rules (EM are not any more static)
  • Larger Loot Tables
  • New Spells
  • New Challenge: Boss Fight! (against a single “Boss” Enemy of course)

What about those that already own Blood on the Blade? Very easy:

  • Customers that bought BoTB in the last 30 days will receive an email to get this new edition for free!
  • All other customers will receive a great discout voucher to get the new version at an unbeatable price

If you are an existing customer and you’ve not received your voucher, feel free to contact me at, including in your email the Order ID on Wargame Vault (you can find it on the email received by Wargame Vault when you bought BoTB or on your Orders info in the Wargame Vault  site).

More info on the new content of 2nd Edition in the next days!


Game Rules
10 Scenarios
19 Enemy Sheets – more than 70 Enemies
1 Sheet of characters for DYO scenario
6 Ready to play Characters
2 Character sheets
6 Table sheets
2 Campaign Rosters
1 Campaign Sheet
32 markers

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