Looking at the statistics of this site, it looks like a lot of people is still interested on Blood on the Blade an his companion Blood on the Dungeon.

I’ve then decided to provide some new (free) content for both titles: the updated version of Blood on the Dungeon is now available (all the customers should have received an email), including

  • revised dungeon levels
  • unique rooms rules
  • Potions
  • Improved Unlocking rules

Moreover, I’ve just released the second volume of the Aghamon Gazette,  including:

  • extended Dagger Rules
  • a new Dungeon, “The Undead Lord”, featuring a special “Boss”.
  • a new Challenge for Blood in the Blade

Grab it here on Wargame Vault!

I hope you’ll enjoy the new components, and of course let me know your voice.

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