Website redesign

The website redesign is mostly completed: a new unified home page for the Studium is now online on The “old” page is now redirecting here.

All the news/blogs has been consolidated and are available on the News page: here you’ll find both the updates of my published games and the free initiatives/collaborations.

The free content is now available on the dedicated page: add-ons to existing games (for example new Enemies for Blood on the Blade or the Mission Generator for Rifles in the Ardennes) have been moved under the game page so that you can access everything associated to a title from a single entry page.

I hope the new site will make easier to find the material I’ve created to support the gaming community: as usual let me know what your suggestions and critics.

Top down tokens: Greg Bruni creations

As you’ll probably remember, I’m always looking for great tokens on the web to compensate my total incapacity on painting minatures.

I’ve recently discoverd Greb Bruni creations and I’ve been immediatly mesmerized: Greg’s creations are really great! Greg’s work covers not only the “classical” fantasy but also the Pulp (1930) era, Post-Apocalypse, Historical and Old West, just to mention some.

Here below one example of his art: Doctor Herbert West

Now, if don’t now the reanimator, it’s really time to discover the wonderful stories of H.P. Lovecraft, no excuses.

Dr. West and other Pulp characters (plus of course a lot of monsters) will be part of a new project I’m working on, currenly named “Blood in R’lyeh”, that will move the Blood *** engine to 1930; more on this on a later post.

Visit Greg’s site right now!

Stay safe and play games.

Blood in Space 2nd Edition now available!

The new edition of Blood in Space is now available on Wargame Vault!

This new edition of the rules include a lot of new components to improve your gaming sessions:

  • Completely redesigned starship missions, now including
    • 21 Starship Cards
    • 24+ Starship Tiles (300dpi)
    • Starship Events Table (two pages, 36 events)
  • New Enemies (Demons, Mutants, Insane Crews, Void Spiders)
  • PSI Rules: PSI powers for the characters (and for the Enemies as well)
  • Exoskeletons (civilian and military)
  • Bionics: enhance your characters with implants.
  • Madness rules
  • New Missions
  • New Weapons and Equipment

What about those that already own Blood in Space ? Very easy:

  • Customers that bought BiS in the last 150 days will receive an email to get this new edition for free!
  • All other customers will receive a great discount voucher to get the new version at an unbeatable price.

If you are an existing customer and you’ve not received your voucher, feel free to contact me at, including in your email the Order ID on Wargame Vault (you can find it on the email received by Wargame Vault when you bought BiS or on your Orders info in the Wargame Vault  site).

Get your copy of Blood in Space now at Wargame Vault!

Stay safe and keep playing

Enemy generator now available

Blood on the Blade and Blood in Space include a good number of different enemies to face, but can only cover a small set of the possible adversaries of your warbands and crews. In order to provide new gaming options and challenges for your games, especially during this period of forced quarantine, I’ve started working on a Enemy Generator: this new utility is capable of generating a group of adversaries based on the RL of your warband/crew. Individual traits are included in the sheet so you’ll get every time a different combination of adversaries for your games.

The new generator is availble here:

You can currently generate two different groups of enemies:

  • Beastman (Plaguetouched)
  • Xeno Species //110.AH0178/83

I’m planning to add the Mutants with the release of BiS 2.0, and of course additional enemies will be added in the future.

As usual, if your have ideas or suggestions feel free to add a comment here or reach me via email.

Stay Safe and Play Games

Blood in Space 2.0 | Spacecrawl

The design process for the new rules and components for BiS 2.0 is quickly proceeding so it’s time to provide a preview of one the main additions to this new edition of the game: Starship crawl.

In Bis 2.0, Starship missions will use a new deck of Sector cards to generate the starship interior. Each mission will provide the objectives (example: reach the Bridge) and the rules to build the deck (number of cards, specific cards to include/exclude).

Eeach Sector Card contains the map of the sector, the Event Markers to use, the enemy presence and the special rules (when required). Here below you can see an example of one sector card.

At least 36 events will be included in the game to allow a great variety of encounters, covering classical situation like darkness, explosions, hull breaches and of course lucky findings of equipment. Sector cards will of course include special events unique to the location.

About the terrain, it’s not common to have enough scenery to represent the starship internal; I’m expecting tha most of the BiS players will use instead terrain tiles to represent the map. The good news is that starship tiles are very common: many board games include components that can be easilt used to create corridors and rooms. PnP versions of this type of terrain are also available at a very cheap price but considering the quite difficult situation we’re living in those months, I’ve decided to add to the BiS 2.0 package a full set of terrain tiles. Here below a sample of the current design.

Terrain tiles are designed with a 2.5cm (one inch) square size, but of course you’ll be able to scale them down to accomodate smaller miniatures games as well.

BiS 2.0 will provide everything you need for great spaceship missions; as usual, let me know your comments and suggestions, this is the right time to see your ideas included in the game!

Stay safe, and keep playing.

Blood in space // 2.0

Several people asked my about the future of Blood in Space; I’ve surely provided more additional components for Bloon on the Blade, but this is also related to the interest of the BoTB community.

It’s now time to talk about BiS//2.0. The plan is to relase a new edition of the game that will re-use 100% of the exiting material while adding a lot of new gaming options, and specifically:

  • a new ship exploration system, based on special cards and tons of events, to make the ship missions more challenging, fun to play and rewarding for the BiS players
  • PSI rules
  • new enemies (including the new Chaos Demon race)
  • new equipment

BiS//2.0 should be avaialble for the end of April, COVID permitting. In the meantime, you can find here a first preview of the content, the Incubus, one of the largest demons (still in WIP, of course)

More info on BiS//2.0 in the next days so stay tuned!

The future king | Update

The Future King game has been updated with several major components:

  • The first full dungeon is now available: a set of new Missions will guide you to the depth of the Necropolis.
  • Activities added: this set of rules allows to represent secondary objectives during the game (like Hunting).
  • New Enemies added

Dungeon crawling is embedded on the standard rules, so there is no need to learn new procedures; the new Locations included in the dungeons pages of the Atlas will provide all you need to start. As you will soon discover, facing enemies and traps is the only way to progress…

The game is still setting-agnostic, so it can be used to create fantasy or post-apocalyptic worlds. I will keep this set of rules in this format, while probably I will release a specialized Atlas for a modern setting, including firearms of course and urban locations so that the zombie or post-apocalyptic games could be implemented more easily.

Get the updated game Package here.

The future king is here

As anticipated, here it is my latest free PnP contribute to the gaming community: the Future King, a Solo Fantasy Sandbox that will allow you to create your world and explore it.

Grab the first version of the game here.

The game includes three main components:

  • World Building. Rules to create the World
  • World Exploration. Rules to explore the World
  • Exploration Engine. A core d20-compatible system with the rules for your new adventure.

The system is on an early stage of development but it’s fully playable: depending on the feedbacks and interest, I’ll continue adding content to the game.

Enjoy the time with your families and stay safe!

Game components

  • Game rules
  • World Atlas
  • Missions Booklet
  • Enemies Sheet
  • Equipment Sheet
  • NPC Sheet

An rpg sandbox idea

Hi to everybody. The COVID-19 epidemic is causing a lot of people to be forced staying home and also heavily impacting the economy of a lot of families. Thinking about how I could contribute, I decided to develop a free solo game that could be also played with your children, while the target is the solo community.I was looking for something capable of:

  1. stimulate the imagination (storytelling)
  2. fast to setup and play
  3. easy to expand with home rules

I’m not sure if I’ve reached those objectives but here’s the result: a solo Fantasy RPG sandbox (pure PnP style)In detail, the game has two main components:

  • World Building: the rules to create the World
  • World Exploration: the rules to explore the World

The World Building rules cover the creation of the World, how to create new locations to explore, new challenges for your player. A World Atlas will provide a ton of locations to start with, but I’m expecting you’ll be able to easily add you own.

World Explorations rules describes how you will interact with the World you’ve just created. Those rules are system agnostic and can be used with the suggested ruleset or any d20-compatible RPG system.

Missions have been designed to provide a “goal” for your gaming sessions; you will find that in order to complete a Mission you will need to add new Locations to your World; building and exploring are part of a single game experience. NPCs complete the scene: they can provide valuable info, sell items or act as allies in your adventures.

I’ve created an Exploration Engine that contains a very simple set of rules compatible with most of the fantasy d20 RPGs. Players will find very easy adding any rule they like to enrich their games using their preferred RPG systems.

I’m planning to release the first playtest package tomorrow: while being on an early stage of development you should have a good idea about how it works. Depending on the feedbacks and interest, I’ll progress adding content to the game.

What if you don’t like it? Well, being free you have nothing to lose.

What if I don’t like Fantasy? You can change the setting and move it to Sci-Fi, Post-apocalypse, Pulp: this is an open sandbox.

Hard Mode rules for The Way of the Warrior

The Way of the Warrior has been designed with an “Average” difficulty, not too easy but not too hard as well.

If after several games you find the game too easy due to the increased XP of your units, you can playtest the “Hard Game” rules found here (still in development):

I’m planning to leverage those rules to create a Veteran mode in the game, so any feedback is more than welcome.