Last update: 01-jul-2002:

  • revised card archives structure(one singe ZIP file for each gladiator type)
  • added solo rules to the manual
  • added Thoth module info

Gladius is another great WarpSpawn game by Lloyd Krassner: the latest version of rules is always available at the WarpSpawn site and covers both one-to-one combats and the campaign game. To make your life easier you can find here a PDF version of all the consolidated rules, including a solo variant.

In the WarpSpawn site you can also find a minature variant Gladius.

I've also created a separated campaign page where you can find some play aids (a list of pre-generated gladiators and the gladiator shool sheet).

Here below you can find a complete set of cards to play Gladius: all the cards are JPEG 200dpi files (about 400K) and are intended to be printed in colors.

COMMON Cards (3.5M)  
SECUTOR (1.8M) If you want to play Gladius against an opponent on the Net you can use the Gladius Thoth Module.