Thoth Engine

It was widely believed that Thoth invented the magical and hermetic arts, and thus the Tarot deck is frequently referred to as the "Book of Thoth"

The latest version of the program is:


(july the 9th 2003)

Beta versions of the engine are uploaded in the yahoo thothcge forum


The Thoth engine is a PbWEB card tool: you can play by email or use the engine as a "virtual tabletop" where two partecipants over the Net will use some custom decks.

Another good use of Thoth is to test you card game ideas: you can use directly the images you will use on paper to verify the play mechanics. This is how I personally use it most of the time.

Description The project is on a continous state of development but it offers a good set of functions to manage the most common card games.
All the rules are specified by the player in the Game Rule File on a plain (text) format. Game Rule Files have an extension of .game.
When you execute the Thoth engine you can start a new email or direct play game or continue a previously saved game. The core functions of the engine are the following:

 Reshuffle the decks.

Draw cards.

Play a card

 Turn a card face down/up (flip)

 Rotate a card

Flip a card on his back

 Discard a card: (the discard pile can be examined)

 Eliminate a card from the game

 Add numeric and graphical markers to the game

 Stick markers to the cards.

Roll a user-defined dice

For any problem you can contact me via email