Zombie Enclave is now available!

Feb 8th, 2013 by Gottardo "zak965" Zancani

Zombie Enclave, my solitaire game of survival on a Earth dominated by the Zombies is now available! Go on the Downloads page to get all the components required to play this new game.

If your're interested in the project just drop me an email to zak965@libero.it suggestions/critics/rule revision/playtesters are more than welcomed. Enjoy!!!!

Latest News

March 15th, 2013 by Gottardo "zak965" Zancani
I've updated some of the counters (fixing typos, improving the overall quality and replacing some of the Zombie images with the new ones sent to me by Adam Steel - Thanks Adam!): in addition, a new Survivor has been added and a new Objective is now available, "The Lost Child", with a new associated Action and Investigation table.

All the components are available in the updated zip file.

Welcome to the Zombie Enclave Refuge!

Jan 16th, 2013 by Gottardo "zak965" Zancani

Zombie Enclave is a new, solitaire game of survival on a Earth dominated by the Zombies.. And, best of all, is totally free.

But do we really need another Zombie game ?

Well, the answer to me is both Yes and No. The answer is NO if the new game simply replicates something already available, like for example

  • Survivor team inside a town/mall/small area trying to escape/survive
  • Siege of a group of humans inside a building
The answer is YES if it's possible to add something new: and that's what i hope to realize.

The focus of Zombie Enclave is on the Refuge (the Enclave in the game title), the place where you're trying to defend yourself from the zombie attacks, accumulating enough resources in order to gain some additional weeks of life. The idea is hence to start with a very simple, undefended Refuge and let the player add more and more "defenses" to protect himself. "Defenses" can be holes, wall reinforcements, explosive barrels, traps and so on: the idea is to replicate the full spectrum of iconic scenes seen in the zombie movies. Here below a sample of one Defense (WIP, of course).

The game sequence can then be summarized as: gain new resources, spend resources to improve your Refuge, wait for the enemy attack.
Zombies will be managed with a "buildup pool": every turn you draw a buildup chit and apply the results (normally new zombies arriving) while an "Attack!" marker will initiate the combat.
Here below how the Map looks like at the current stage (Size=Letter).

During combat the zombies will move from the upper part of the map (the external defences) toward your refuge: the Defences will try to slow and/or damage the zombies but it's up to the Survivors to close the fight.

In terms of game rules, i'm planning to have one Standard Game, with basic rules and a good set of available resources to start with. Advanced rules will add more details (like Vehicles and Night rules), and finally the Campaign game will make possible to start really from zero, with just you and Soldier, your invaluable dog.


Here below the game cover.


Jan 16th, 2013 by Zak

I've been very lucky with Zombie Enclave: as most of you know my graphical capabilities are very limited, and hence i've asked a couple of real artists to collaborate with me on this free project. And thanks to them you now have a great cover for the game and some fantastic miniatures for the Survivors and Zombies.

And hence my thanks goes to:

  • Adam Steel, for letting me use it's wonderful paper miniatures. You can read Adam's blog here: Adam created a huge set of high quality, paper miniatures - the Surival Horror series is one of the sources of inspiration of many ZE characters.
  • Joakim Olofsson, for letting me use its "Zombie Horde" artwork (the header of this site uses a small piece of it). You can see Joakim's work here on deviantArt (where i've discovered him) and on its site www.joakimolofsson.com.