Space Infantry: The Horde


The Horde is the second mini-game for Space Infantry: in this game your soldiers will face endless (?) waves of enemies, trying to survive as long as possible. The mini-game includes both the solitaire version and a 2-players cohoperative version.

This minigame is currently in WIP (Work In Progress) status: the content has been released "as-is" before Christmas just in case you've got one hour to relax from the familly duties. I'm working to get a more "stable" version, with new components (notably Horde Cards) so let me know your comments, suggestions and critics @ my usual email addres


To play this minigame you mill need the following files:

In addition you need the Basic Units cards and the counters from the Space Infantry box.

A Vassal module is also available for the single-player version, if you want to play  it without the preparation of the additional components you can use Vassal as the perfect  virtual table. The module includes also a couple of boookeeping windows to manage the assets and XP