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december the 15th, 2015


The latest minimodule for SI, Steel Bones, is now available in the resources page: new rules for Battledrones, Armored Buildings, four new Missions and much more is waiting for you!

MAY the 14th, 2014


I've added in the resources page a couple of blank rosters (one for the Squad, the other for the full Campaign) for those interested in creating a fully customized campaign using the generators here available.

If you need any addional tool for the DYO games just drop me an email.

february the 2nd, 2014

war theatre generator (Beta) released!

A new generator for Space Infantry is now available: War Theatre.

This new generator is aimed to the creation of "pseudo-random" maps to play the "classical" sci-fi warfare missions: recon, enemy HQ attack, destructions of military facilities (the Titan factory is the first example). Events will cover minefields, smoke, artillery fire and so on.

Currently two types of missions are available: "Recon" and "Titan's Forge", specifically designed for the new Titan Enemy card. Please consider that this generator is an a very early stage of development, so it's perfectly possible that some missions could include some "bizzarre" layouts: still by cliking on the "Generate New Layout" button most of the time you'll get a very interesting map.

The focus of this module is on the surface/urban missions, but depending on your feedback I could expand it to other battlefields like deserts, jungles, ice and of course asteroid fields.

For more info and to discuss this new tool please go the the BoardGame Geek forum.

january the 6th, 2014

first version of the vehicle rules and a new enemy card released.

The first version of the Vehicle Rules is now available here: http://zak965.it/spaceinfantry/vehicles/Vehicle%20Rules.pdf

To support those rules a new Enemy Card, The Titan, has been released, in addition to a new Location ("The Factory") and a new counter for the Scorpio, a portable Anti-Vehicle weapon.

Cards and counters are available here.

The Location Card "The Factory" makes possible to use the Titan Enemy card in any surface mission as a secondary objective: I suggest to use the Titan with the Cybers or Mercenaries.

August the 26th, 2013

starship generator released!

The Starship Generator is now available: generate new Missions automatically with this new utility available here.

This new utility is capable of automatically generating a new mission map (in PNG format) and a PDF file with the mission rules (setup, objectives, events).

Three mission types are available at the moment:
  • Recon (explore an unknown enemy ship)
  • Intruder! (find and destroy a letal Enemy: a new random Xeno is created every time you generate a new Mission!)
  • Prisoners (free the prisoners in the cell block)

Two main paramenters are available to control the ship creation: "Difficulty" determines the Node Requirements and Event proababilityes while "Complexity" controls the layout of the ship (length,secondary branches...).

JUNE the 16th, 2013


The Campaign Logs and a new Squad Roster for New Worlds is now availalable both in the resources page and in the New Worlds page. The Squad Roster zipfile also includes the counters for the new Talents of the 65th Company.,

march the 11th, 2013

strategic option cards

Strategy Option cards can be used both as a play aid, to keep track of the Strategy Options (StratOps) currently selected, or you can use them to fully manage the StratOps on the Campaign.

The new cards are available in the resources page:  the zipfile includes all the StratOps of the base game plus several new StratOps never published like "Mines""Platoon HQ Cohordination".

september the 23rd, 2012

small update to the horde minigame

I've added a back card image and a sheet with 6 back images for the The Horde: both files are available at the minigame page.

March the 23rd, 2012  

Space infantry: new worlds now available for preorder!

The first expansion for Space Infantry, New Worlds, is now available for preordConer! See
the Lock'n Load page for more details (and also the dedicated page for  the latest updates).

This new expansion will include:
  • Two new Hive Missions (H007 and H008)
  • Two new surface Missions: Mission S010 and Mission S011
  • Two new Enemies: Beastmasters and Cthonians
  • Two Special Enemies: Void Spiders and Drones
  • One new Unit: Flamer
  • One new Campaign Sheet
  • Special rules for Flame and Poison Damage
  • 88 New counters: Flame Damage, Spider Eggs, Individual Enemy Counters, Individual Units counters and more.

december the 23rd, 2011

the horde: a new minigame available for download

In The Horde your soldiers will face endless waves of enemies, trying to survive as long as possible: the minigame is
available here.
Merry Chrismas!

October  the 15th, 2011

mission s004 available for download

Mission 004 Variant with the Elder Levitahan is now available in the
Resource Page.

This variant uses the new Bosses rules: it was released on the BGG forum for the initial playtest but i'm sure al lot of SI players missed the announcement.

September  the 30th, 2011

NEW enemy available for download

The Beast Master are availablefor download  here:
Beast Masters sheet (ver 1.0)

JuLY  the 9th, 2011

LIVING RULES now available for download

The living  rules are available here:
Space Infantry  rules (Living Rules)

June  the 11th, 2011

clarifications and errata  now available for download

The errata and clarification document is available in the Resource Page.

June  the 4th, 2011

Enemy generator released

The Character Generator has been  updated


MAY  the 28th, 2011

rules and logs now available for download

The game rules and logs are available in the Resource Page.

MAY  the 21st, 2011

character generatoR released

The Character Generator has been  updated


You can now generate 300dpi card images for

* Leader
* Fire Team
* Assault Team
* CC Team

You can generate both the Line and the Veteran side of the Units.

The main objective is still to have a "personalized" Unit with the name of your choice on it and different skill levels.

I will include in the next days all the remaining Basic Units and i will also add the option to create a full customized Basic and Specialist Unit.

Talents and other info will also be added later..

May the 15th, 2011

space infantry is finally shipping!

After a  looong wait the game is finally shipping: in a few days the P500 copies will arrive at their destination. Thanks to all the people that supported this project.
I will shortly start to release the free game addons (new units, resource, missions): i'm working on the Character Generator to make possible the creation of all the basic Units in their final forma.

November the 13th, 2010

character generatoR released

The first release of a Character Generator for Space Infantry is available here


The main objective of this simple tool is to have a "personalized" Leader counter with your name on it and different skill levels.

Please note that the graphics are not the final one: i will update them once the game is released.

I will add probably one or two othe units before the release of the game; once SI will be published the generator will include many more options:
  • Every base unit will be included
  • Different head images
  • Additional fields related to the Talents (as an example an additional wound or Armor)

october the 18th, 2010

example of play #1 released

The first
example of play for SI is available here: it covers the basic steps of the game

    * Team selection
    * Node Resolution (how to advance in the map)
    * Combat

The permanent link has also been added to the Resources page

october the 13th, 2010

THE LAST OUTPOST minigame released

Deep inside one of the Space Infantry folders on my PC i've found the draft idea of this minigame: on the Last Outpost you will try to defend your forces against the incoming enemy hordes: little/no strategy involved, only tactical skills. The minigame is now available in the Resources page


MARCH the 25th, 2010

SPACE infantry will be published BY LnL Games! Good (and bad) news

Lock'n Load proposed me to publish Space Infantry as a "professional" title: this is clearly a great opportunity to promote a game born as a free title and to improve the project by collaborating with professionals.

The dark side of this proposal is that the free version of Space Infantry is no more available for download, at least  for the moment.

I really thanks all the people that supported me in this project, and i hope that you'll enjoy the new version of the game once published (more on this soon).

I'll continue to support the game on BGG for those lucky enough to get the free version of SI: at the same time i'll try to figure out with the published how to release some additional (free) material in this site. If you want to test the game, a wonderful    .

Thank again


february the 28th, 2010


february the 27th, 2010


Thanks to Grégory Guazzelli the Vassal Module for Space Infantry is now available here at vassalfactory.org

You can discuss about this greate module on the BGG forum thread.

february the 20th, 2010

MISSION 007 released

A new mission is available! The mission utilizes a set of new Special Node counters that will be used in the  future modules. A pure "Print-and-Play" version is also available for those that don't want to spend time in preparing the new counters.

The standard module has been updated: rules version 0.8 should fix some of the problems, especially in the event resolution. Minor typos on the Mission sheets and on the Units (Explorer skill) has been fixed.
A new optional rule for managing the Ammonition has been added.

february the 13th, 2010

new enemy sheet released

The Dark God Followers is a new enemy that you could face in your campaign:  do not use them for your first missions since they  require an experienced  team  to face their suicide attacks...

february the 9th, 2010

MISSION #003 updated

The mission file was missing the special encounter.

february the 8th, 2010

Minor update

The Standard Module has been  updated:
  • minor rule changes
  • updated Flash Eaters enemy sheet 
  • new counters added: Accumulated Success Levels and Treated Wounds