Last update on December the 15th, 2015

game rules and logs

The living  rules are available here: 
Space Infantry  rules (Living Rules)

The  Squad Rosters are available here:
Squad #1, Squad #2

The  Campaign Logs  are available here:
Campaing #1, Campaign #2

Blank rosters for DYO games:
Blank Campaign, Blank Squad

New WORLDs resources 

A new  Squad Rosters leveraging the Flamer Unit is available here: 65th Company . The zipfile also includes che counters for the new Talents.

The  New Worlds Campaign Logs  are available here: Campaing #3, Campaign #4

ERRATA and clarifications 

The errata and clarification document is available  here:

Space Infantry  Errata and Clarifications (ver 1.0.2)

new enemies 

The Beast Masters sheet is available here (7MB 300dpi tiff):

Beast Masters sheet (ver 1.0)


The Last Outpost is the first free mini-game for Space Infantry: it includes
  • The Outpost map
  • The special rules
  • A new countersheet

Get the module as a single ZIP archive

THE horde

The Horde is the second (free) mini-game for Space Infantry: it includes solitaire and 2-player rules to face endless waves of enemies.

The Horde include special rules, maps, cards and counters.

Go to The Horde page for more details


Steel Bones

Steel Bones is the third free mini-module for Space Infantry: it includes
  • Rules for Battledrones
  • Three Battledrone cards (models MkIA, MkIIB and MkIIID)
  • 10 Subsystems counters
  • Two War Theater maps
  • Four Armored Building Cards
  • One Enemy Card (Sentinels)
  • Two Armored Building Nodes
  • Four new Mission
  • One Campaign Sheet

Get the module as a single ZIP archive

character generator

The Character Generator for Space Infantry is available here:

Create your personalized Units for SI: you can also add your own photo!

ENEMY generatoR

The Enemy Generator for Space Infantry is available here:

You can create you own Enemy Sheets with the Generator: share your creations with the SI community!

spaceshipSpaceship generatornew

You can now generate new Missions with the Starship Generator: this utility is capable of automatically generating a new mission map (in PNG format) and a PDF file with the mission rules (setup, objectives, events).

Three mission types are available at the moment:
  • Recon (explore an unknown enemy ship)
  • Intruder! (find and destroy a letal Enemy: a random Enemy is created every time you generate a new Mission!)
  • Prisoners (free the prisoners in the cell block)

Two main paramenters are availble to control the ship creation: "Difficulty" determines the Node Requirements and Event probabilities while "Complexity" controls the layout of the ship (length,secondary branches...).

Go to the Starship Generator Page.

game variants 

Can you dare to face the Elder Leviathan? Try the new Mission S004 variant!

You will  need the new Bosses rules to play this mission, and obviously the Elder Leviathan sheet.

EXAMPLE of play

The first example of play for SI is available here: it covers the basic steps of the game
  • Team selection
  • Node Resolution (how to advance in the map)
  • Combat

Stratopstrategy option cards 

Strategy Option cards can be used both as a play aid, to keep track of the Strategy Options (StratOps) currently selected, or you can use them to fully manage the StratOps on the Campaign. The Strategic option cards are available in one single zip file here and , in PDF format: this zipfile includes all the StratOps of the base game plus several new StratOps never published like "Mines""Platoon HQ Cohordination"

To use the StratOp cards as a full replacement of the standard campaign rules simply follow the instructions in the Campaign Setup card (also included in the zipfile)

VASSAL MODULE (free pnp version)

Vassal module for Space Infantry