Space Infantry: New Worlds


New Worlds is the fist expansion for Space Infantry: the idea behind this module is not only to add new elements to the game (new missions, enemies..) but also introduce many components that will enhance the original material; as an example it will be possible to replay the current missions with different (stronger) adversaries.

The module will include several type of special damage (Flame, Posion, Neurotoxins); this damage will appear in the new enemies and will also used to create several variants of the existing enemies.

Mutations rules will make possible to quickly create unique enemies: place one (or two) mutation counters on the "old" Mutants enemy sheet and the game will radically change. The rules will provide the guidelines to use the Mutations with the existing Enemy sheets but you will be free to use them at your will (gaining some extra EP of course).

Morale/Fear rules will also be introduced, to better represent the psychological impact of the war, especially against the most horrid adversaries.


This new expansion will include:
  • Two new Hive Missions (H007 and H008)
  • Two new surface Missions: Mission S010 and Mission S011
  • Reprint of mission S009 (published on LoF#11)
  • Two new Enemies: Beastmasters and Cthonians
  • Two Special Enemies: Void Spiders and Drones
  • One new Unit: Flamer
  • Two new Campaign Sheet
  • Special rules for Flame and Poison Damage, Mutations, Morale
  • 88 New counters: Flame Damage, Spider Eggs, Individual Enemy Counters, Individual Units counters and more.

Beastmasters and Cthonians are "standard" Enemies, represented by a full sheet with the relevant information.

Special Enemies are instead designed to replace the "5+/A" event: instead of checking for a standard Class A encounter you can use one of the new Special Enemies Cards to resolve the encounter. The idea is clearly to make a game session more variable, increasing the replay value of all the Missions (including those of the basic set).

Void Spiders and the new Flame Unit will play a central role in mission H008 (The Nest), but all the new components are fully usable with the Missions of the basic set.


A new  Squad Rosters leveraging the Flamer Unit is available here: 65th Company . The zipfile also includes che counters for the new Talents.

The  New Worlds Campaign Logs  are available here: Campaing #3, Campaign #4

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