Alexander the Great is the third title of the One Page Games series: it’s a quick, solitaire historical game where you play the role of Alexander on his march from Macedonia to India, where he will meet the Indian army at the Hydaspes river (326BC)..

The game uses a simple, linear map built with a succession of nodes. Each game turn is composed of four phases:

  • Planning Phase
  • Event Check
  • Combat Phase
  • Army Advance

In the planning phase you determine how many action points you have at your disposal, then you decide how to use them to execute the available actions:

  • Recruit
  • Diplomacy
  • Gather Intelligence
  • Supply
  • Promote units
  • Improve Morale

Your army is composed of Infantry (Light and Heavy), Cavalry and Companions (elite Cavalry) and you need to manage three critical resources: Supply, Intelligence and Diplomacy Points. In addition, you also need to take care of the army Morale, that will play a major role when you’ll enter the Indian kingdom.

During Combat you proceed selecting one of the available Battle Moves (ex. Assault or Flank) that will determine the casualties: similarly the enemy army will execute one (randomly determined) move.

Stratagems are also available: those represent special, single-use Battle Tactics.

Alexander the Great Game Components:

  • The game rules
  • One game board
  • Two Army Sheets (Persian and Indian)
  • The 1PG deck (18 cards)
  • “The 1PG Deck” document.

Alexander the Great is available on Wargame Vault