The Way of the Warrior (WoTW) is a solo system to simulate small tactical war operations during World War II; you will be in charge of an infantry squad during a series of missions: you can play a single mission or a campaign game where you’ll be able to improve the skills of your soldiers (while facing the inevitable losses).

This completely redesigned edition of WotW provides you two options to play the game:

  • Portable game: just print a few paper sheets and take your pencil and one die; no components to prepare and a very limited space required on your table.
  • Table Top game: play the game using counters (230+), cards (100+) and a playmat.

Both options share the same common set of rules and provide the same content, but on a different format; you can of course mix the two options, for example using the Table Top version at home and continuing your camapign with the Portable version while traveling.

The game covers the European Theatre of Operations, allowing you to lead the forces of one of seven possible armies: Commonwealth, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, USA or USSR.

The terrain for each mission is generated on the basis of the selected theatre of operation, including:

  • Central and Eastern Europe (general)
  • Winter War (Finland, Russia)
  • Normandy
  • Beach head

Additional rules for Airdrop missions are also available: with 25 different objectives, WoTW provides a great choice of tactical challenges.

The new edition “The Way of the Warrior” is now available on Wargame Vault:

If you want to better understand the main mechanics of the game you can find here an Example of Play.

Here below an example of the layout of the Tabletop version.