One Page Games (1PG) have been designed with the objective of being “light” games in terms of:

  • Time
  • Table space
  • Cost

I’ve found it more and more difficult to find the time to study a full-featured game while often I’ve got a 30 minutes break in the daily routine: 1PG have been designed to fill this small interval. Rules are easy and short enough to provide a quick but interesting gaming session: from this perspective 1PG are great for a flight since they perfectly fit on the small space of a plane seat.

Each 1PG must follow two design rules:

  • All the components for the game can be placed on a single A4 sheet of paper (no counter, no dice).
  • The same deck of 18 cards is used by all the games to provide randomness without the need of using dice (while you can play Hannibal ad Portas using two standard dice).

In addition, you will only need a pencil and an eraser.

The 1PG series currently includes:

Hannibal ad Portas.
A solitaire historical game where you play the role of Hannibal on his march from Spain to Italy, where he will meet the Roman Army at Cannae (216BC).

Underworld Stories
A quick solitaire fantasy game of exploration and combat (in other words a Dungeon Crawl).

Alexander the Great
A solitaire historical game where you play the role of Alexander on his march from Macedonia to India, where he will meet the Indian army at the Hydaspes river (326BC).