Another long pause on this site but surely not because there’s litte to talk about; on the opposite I was very busy on several large projects (Ju 87 Stuka Ace in primis) and of course on my “real” business life, so apologize for this lack of communication.
This weekend I’m planning to release Star Navy, a new solitaire game of space combat (a PnP game): more info on this title very soon so stay tuned.

Starting today or tomorrow, l will release a series of free add-ons for Blood on the Blade: the plan is to introduce HexCrawling in the game, to enable players to generate a campaign of exploration, combat and loot. I always loved the concept of HexCrawling and I believe that it could add a lot of gaming options to BoTB (and of course also to BiS), introducing a sort of “strategic” level to the game.

For the Rifles series I’ve got some ideas, surely you should expect a new scenario to be added to the scenario generator, but I’d like to provide some additional components.

As usual, share your ideas/comments and let me know what you would like to see published.