The Rifles series has been designed around the idea of a “simple” game: simplicity means here few rules to learn, a limited number of counters on a linear map, few tables to consult during the game. The gaming community often asks for extra details to be added to the game (to make it more “realistic”) and I often have to decline the suggestions since those additions would break the underlying design.
One recurring request was to provide more details to better represent the urban combats. The package you’ll find here below is then an “advanced”, or “optional” set of rules that you can also include in your standard games if you like to introduce some more gaming options at the cost of a little extra complexity.
The urban warfare module includes:

  • new terrain features: multi-store buildings, rubble, walls
  • rules for the first-floor movement and combat
  • sewer movement rules (only for the player at the moment)
  • demolition charges
  • exposed movement rules (triggered when you enter a new stripe, to represent the constant hidden dangers of the urban conflicts)
  • two new scenarios, plus a revised version of «WW2-05: Snipers»

Get the module components here.
The module is still in playtest so any contribution is more than welcome.