Today’s addition to the Hexcrawl campaign is the first set of maps: here below you can find a sample of a small island (the current package contains two large islands and two small ones).

The anchor icon represents the points where you will start the exploration, setting the main camp.

The maps has been created with the wonderful free Perilous Shores online program by Watabou, available here: With little or no effort you will be able to create your own maps if you want a different (shorter, longer) campaign (and check the other great programs by Watabou, strongly suggested)-

Three types of terrain are currently planned:

  • Open
  • Jungle
  • Mountain

How exploration works ? Every time you enter a new hex you will roll on the corresponding event table (open, jungle or mountain) and consult the “Exploration” section of the event: this will determine the main attributes of the area, possibly triggering an immediate encounter. You will write on the map the rolled number so that when you move back on the same hex you will consult the event table to check the “movement” section (I will explain in more details the events on a later post).

The maps are available inside the updated hexcrawl package here: