These are addons/support pages for games realized by other authors (mainly Lloyd Krassner) 

Five men at Kursk

Five men at Kursk is a WW2 skirmish game by Nordic Weasel Games: I’ve created several generators to speed up the setup of the game, including the complete generation of the forces (units, support, leader traits) and a whole mission (objectives, terrain, forces) with a single click. The generator it’s suitable with very little change for FiveCore, Five Men in Normandy and even other skirmish WW2 games.

Go to the Five Men at Kursk Headquarters page.


Gladius is another great WarpSpawn game by Lloyd Krassner: the rules of this card-based game covers both one-to-one combats and campaign game. I’ve created a PDF version of all the rules, ALL the cards needed to play the game, a Gladiator card to manage your gladiator school and tons of ready-to-player gladiators.

Go to the Gladius site

Two Hour Dungeon Crawl

Two Hour Dungeon Crawl is a dungeon crawl ruleset created by Two Hours Wargame: it’s a great game to play solo and includes, among the other, even some rules to randomly generate a dungeon. I’ve create a webpage that’s capable of creating the layout of a dungeon, with variable geometry and complexity, and adding some special “objective” rooms. The layout is then published on a gamebook format (something like “if you want to go to east read paragraph #100) so that you can easily print it. The idea is very simple: let the rules generate the content of the dungeon but use a “real” map to improve the crawling experience.

Go to the Dungeon Generator page.


WH40KARDS is another great game by Lloyd Krassner: the original game rules are available here: i’ve created the card for two of the armies.

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End Time is a great campaign setting for Call of Cthulhu by Michael C. LaBossiere. Essentially End Time is a dark future in which the stars have become right (or nearly right) and humanity has been forced to flee the earth.

I’ve created the new layout for the rules, reformatted all the End Time material, written a new adventure, created the NPCs and new additional material (maps, player sheet) and finally i’ve created the new EndTime website


Warphammer is game by Lloyd Krassner: the original game rules are available at Lloyd’s website: for this game i’ve created some of the cards you need to play this great title.

Go to the Warphammer site


Flagship is a great card game by GMT: I’ve created a support site with new rules, variants and new ships – this is one of the few sites where i’ve created all the images (instead of using the material available in the web) using a 3D modeler.

Go to the Flagship site

Dragon Slayers

Dragon Slayers is a card game by Lloyd Krassner where one player takes the role of the Dragon and the other one takes the role of the Slayer. I’ve created all the cards needed to play the game.

Go to the Dragon Slayers site

Dracula’s Castle

Draculas Castle is a card and board game by Lloyd Krassner where one side is Dracula and his minions while the other side is the Vampire Hunter and his assistants. I’ve created all the cards and tiles needed to play the game..

Go to the Draculas Castle site


Artifact is another game by Lloyd Krassner. It’s a “universal” system where each player controls a party of adventuring archeologists and treasure hunters trying to be the first to get some, relic, artifact, or treasure and bring it back. Four adventures (modules) are available: I’ve created a generic board to be used with the game and translated to Italian the core files.

Go to the Artifact support page


StarFleets is a card game by Lloyd Krassner where two players battle between opposing fleets in the Star Trek Universe.
With a 3d modeler i’ve created the Federation and Klingon cards needed to play the game.

Go to the StarFleets site

Space Hole

Space Hole is a solitaire game by Lloyd Krassner where You must defend and build your  Space colony. I’ve created all the cards needed to play this game.

Go to the Space Hole support page

Combat Dice

Combat Dice is a game designed by Lloyd Krassner: i’m working on an HTML5 version of the game; while still buggy
and incomplete, still the game is playable on PC, MAC and iPADS. The game (still in alpha) is available here:

Here below a screenshot of the game.