In this page you’ll find all the free games I’ve released in the last 25+ years: you can download any game and/or tool without any need to pay, send me an email, register or anything else. If you find something useful or you have some suggestions please let me know it: it will help me in the development of new ideas.

Hoplites is a totally free (and unofficial) computer card game based on the GMT’s boardgame SPQR.

Computer Game

Zombie Enclave

Zombie Enclave is a free, solitaire game of survival on a Earth dominated by Zombies

The Future King
The Future King is a Solo Fantasy Sandbox that will allow you to create your world and explore it.


Acies is a card game that simulate a battle between two armies represented by the player’s decks. The cards represents the units (infantry, cavalry and artillery of course) and tactical options (rally, scout, etc.).


The Thoth Engine is a PbWEB card tool: you can play by email or use the engine as a “virtual tabletop” where two partecipants over the Net will use some custom decks.

Computer Game
Steel and Crystal

Steel and Crystal is an easy solo paper-and-pencil game of conquest on a fantasy land.

Rules in PDF format.
Scenario #1

Regolamento Fantasy
(In italian)

A complete ruleset to play a strategic fantasy campaign, with a quick mechanism to solve the battles or the alternative use of a tactical system (like FR!)