Hannibal ad Portas is the first title of the One Page Games series: it’s a quick, solitaire historical game where you play the role of Hannibal on his march from Spain to Italy, where he will meet the Roman Army at Cannae (216BC).

The game uses a simple, linear map built with a succession of nodes. Each game turn is composed of four phases:

  • Planning Phase
  • Event Check
  • Combat Phase
  • Army Advance

In the planning phase you determine how many action points you have at your disposal, then you decide how to use them to execute the available actions:

  • Recruit
  • Diplomacy
  • Gather Intelligence
  • Supply
  • Promote units

Your army is composed of Infantry, Cavalry and Elephant Units and you need to manage three critical resources: Supply, Intelligence and Diplomacy Points.

During Combat you proceed selecting one of the available Battle Moves (ex. Assault or Flank) that will determine the casualties: similarly the enemy army will execute one (randomly determined) move.

Stratagems are also available: those represent special, single-use Battle Tactics.

Hannibal ad Portas Game Components:

  • The game rules
  • One game board (A4 and Letter formats)
  • The 1PG deck (18 cards)
  • “The 1PG Deck” document.

Hannibal ad Portas is available on Wargame Vault