Finally my Ju 87 game is ready to be launched on Gamefound: you’ll find it on the Gamefound platform on March the 22nd.

Ju 87 Stuka Ace will allow you to fly your Ju 87 in almost all the theaters where the Stuka was used: Poland, France, England, Norway, the Mediterranean, North Africa, Italy, and Russia. The missions in the different theaters will have very different objectives: infantry units, artillery positions, tanks, transport ships, and battleships are just some examples. Terrain and weather conditions will also play an important role in the missions; poor visibility, the scorching heat and the sand of the desert, and the frost and snow in the Russian winters: are elements the player will have to consider to succeed. Ju 87 Stuka Ace includes even night operations: special rules will allow simulating Ju 87 D-5N attacks in Italy as members of “Night Battle Group” NSG9.

Nine Stuka models will be available to the player depending on the mission or on the progression of the campaign, including Ju 87 A, Ju 87B-1, Ju 87 R-1, Ju 87 D-3, Ju 87 D-5, and Ju 87 G-1. Depending on the capabilities of the aircraft, it will be necessary to select the most appropriate bomb load for the mission objective, evaluating both the number and the type of bombs to be used. And when flying the Ju 87 G-1, your pilot will use the Bordkanone 37 against the Soviet tanks: to better represent the Ju 87G-1 tank-buster role, a specific attack procedure has been introduced, always leveraging the player Action Cards.

If you have just a limited amount of time, you can play single missions, choosing your preferred theatre of operations. If you are instead looking for a campaign game, Stuka Pilot has been designed to represent the entire career of the pilot, starting from his role as “rookie,” then moving on to the roles of Kette Leader, Staffel Leader, and finally Gruppe Leader. As the campaign progresses, you will not only be able to climb the ranks of the Luftwaffe but also improve your skills (customize your deck of Action cards) and get the coveted medals. The Golden Leaves are waiting for you aboard your Ju 87.