Another long pause, apparently. The reality is that I tend to create a lot of initial “prototypes” and then move to the next idea: this is not necessarily bad since it creates a potential queue of new projects but only a few move into the “production” state. I decided that it was time to close a couple of games before moving to a new one: in addition I completed the development of Ju 87 Stuka Ace, soon to be released by Lock-n-Load, with the Graf Zeppelin hypotetical campaign. The result is that little was published here in the last months.

Ju 87C-1

Now we’re approaching December, and as always I’m planning to release some free components for my games for the Christmas period. Blood on the Blade and Blood in Space will surely receive a Christmas gift, and possibly something for the “Rifles” series could be also published. In any case, I’m not disapperared: see you soon in those pages.