Following several conversations about how to use BoTB with some “unusual” terrain maps (i.e. maps that require terrains difficult to prepare or not so common, like for example a sewer complex) I’ve decided to start working on the first Battlepack for this ruleset.

A Battlepack contains everything required to play a scenario of BoTB including:

  • The Scenario Sheets (special rules, objectives). Two/Three scenarios are planned for each Battlepack
  • A color map (A3 size, single sheet and two sheets version)
  • Counters (about 10)

The Map will be sized for 15mm miniatures and will have no grid on it: here below you can see a preview of the map quality.

Easy rules will clarify how to deal with the special terrain elements, like the black water but I’d like to let the player be free to use his own imagination and reduce the number of artificial constraints. Each Map will accomodate 2/3 different scenarios, in order to maximize the cost of printing and preparing it.

The included counters (about 10) will make possible to play the scenario even to those (like myself) with a limited amount of miniatures available. Thanks to great support of Greg Bruni those counters will be really great: you can see Greg’s creations on his website

The first battlepack will be focused on the sewers of a large town, one of my favourite fantasy locations: next in the pipeline is a graveyard complex with a large tomb and a monolith complex (the idea is to always provide enough space to make possible the use of different tactics). If you’d like to see something specific on a future Battlepack let me know it: I will be more than happy to consider your suggestions.