The Blood on the Blade rules can easily used for non-fantasy games with small or no changes, covering for example middle-age or ancient periods. Recently I’ve been asked if it’s possible to use BoTB for miniature games in the Dark Age; the answer is of course positive: selecting the right equipment you can easily create Vikings, Anglo Saxons or Normans warbands. Most of the scenarios included in the game fits this period with one major exception: there is not a scenario to represent one of the most typical actions of this period, the raids on the “enemy” villages.

I’ve then worked on a Raid scenario for BoTB to provide this option to the players and the result is available here: you can use this scenario with any type of enemy sheet, but I’ve also created a simple enemy sheet for a typical enemy warband settled in the area.

If you want to introduce the Raid Scenario in your “classical” BoTB games, you can select it as an alternative to “Attack” in the Campaign game. Keep in mind that you cannot gain Reputation Points with this scenario (as for scenario rules).