The Xmas package will include this year the first battlepack for Blood on the Blade. As anticipated, each Battlepack will include:

  • A large map
  • The required miniatures (characters and enemies)
  • The scenario rules

Let’s talk today about the map: as you know I’m not an artist and my graphical capabilities are very limited. Luckly I’ve got in touch with Neutral Party, a great team that in the last two years relased a lot of great maps for RPG. You can find their work here on Patreon:

Neutral Party very kindly allowed me to use one of their creations to realize a map for BoTB: it’s a map of the village docks, something not very easy to represent with 3d terrain (this is one of the ideas of the Battlepack, to provide maps for terrain types “difficult” to realize with 3d elements).

I’ve added on top of their map a grid of hexes to simplify the movement, with each hex about 2cm in size. Here below you can see an example of the map in the current version:

The final map will be about 58x41cm, splitted in 4 maps to facilitate the printing process. You can of course play the scenarios without this map using your own terrain elements, but a lot of people (myself included) has not a large set of terrain features available so I’m sure you’ll find the map a great add-on.

Hexes will represent 1MP in terms of the BoTB rules: the Move attribute of a Character will then represent the amount of hexes of “open” terrain it can move.

Rules will be added to cover specific features of the terrain, like the buildings, here considered as a single large area, but in most of the cases the effect of the terrain will require no specific explanations.

Next topic: the miniatures include in the battlepack, so stay tuned!

Stay safe and play games.