Today’s contribution to the hexcrawl campaign are a couple of new enemies and some revised compnents added to the package:

  • Two new Bosses has been included: a Large Saurian and an Alpha White Ape. Both can be used with the Boss Fight scenario, that will be triggered by the campaign events.
  • The Green Island Slavers have been revised and added to the Enemy sheet.
  • Revised “Night Attack” scenario, published several years ago on this website. As you can imagine, the scenario recreates a night attack to the warband camp.
  • The “Exploration” scenario is a revision of the “Escort” scenario, tailored for the hexcrawl campaign.

Both scenarios will be triggered by the campaign events: in some cases the scenario will be mandatory the first time you enter a new hex, like in the event example here below, while in some other cases you will have the option to decide if a scenario will be played.

The new scenarios and enemies are available inside the updated hexcrawl package here: