Today’s update include the first version of the hexcrawl rules: as anticipated, the idea is to create a layer of strategic movement for your BoTB campaign leveraging the hexcrawl mechanics. Once you need to move to the tactical side, for example to perform a combat or to explore a specific location, you will revert to the standard BoTB rules.

To represent the overall status of the warband you will need to manage two additional attributes:

FATIGUE. Events and warband activities will increase (and decrease) the fatigue level: an high Fatigue level will influcence the PC activities; for example at Fatigue Level 3 your PCs will suffer a -1 to every Check.

SUPPLY. Supply is required at end of each day to recover from the fatigue (and wounds). Each supply point represents enough food for one day for the whole party: you can recover Supply points both moving back to the main camp (where you’re landed) or using the HUNT action.

More on the warband actions in the hexcrawl campaign on the next posts.

The rules are available inside the updated hexcrawl package here: