Blood on the Blade include nineteen Enemy Sheets, with more than 70 different characters. But of course there’s always some room for new adversaries for your warbands! And hence, you’ll find in this page all the new enemies published in this site so far.

The first enemy sheet is dedicated to the Green Islands Slavers: watch for their whips and their terrible mastiffs!
The enemy sheet for the Wraith is available here: Wraiths are are spectral beings and cannot be attacked unless revealed with some magical resource so prepare your warband with care!
From the unexplored jungles of the Eastern Continent the Lizardmen: watch out for the hulking Triceratops!
The enemy sheet for the Araknos (Spiders) is available here: they can be small but do now underestimate their poison or the web attack.
Strongly inspired by the Lovecraft’ Deep Ones, the Abyssals are a race of undersea-dwelling humanoids, with a fish head and covered by scale, living in the deep oceans.
Saurus Riders are mounted  Lizardmens selected to train the ferocious Sauri, slow but very powerful reptilians with a thick carapace and massive horns.