The Future King game has been updated with several major components:

  • The first full dungeon is now available: a set of new Missions will guide you to the depth of the Necropolis.
  • Activities added: this set of rules allows to represent secondary objectives during the game (like Hunting).
  • New Enemies added

Dungeon crawling is embedded on the standard rules, so there is no need to learn new procedures; the new Locations included in the dungeons pages of the Atlas will provide all you need to start. As you will soon discover, facing enemies and traps is the only way to progress…

The game is still setting-agnostic, so it can be used to create fantasy or post-apocalyptic worlds. I will keep this set of rules in this format, while probably I will release a specialized Atlas for a modern setting, including firearms of course and urban locations so that the zombie or post-apocalyptic games could be implemented more easily.

Get the updated game Package here.

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