Hi to everybody. The COVID-19 epidemic is causing a lot of people to be forced staying home and also heavily impacting the economy of a lot of families. Thinking about how I could contribute, I decided to develop a free solo game that could be also played with your children, while the target is the solo community.I was looking for something capable of:

  1. stimulate the imagination (storytelling)
  2. fast to setup and play
  3. easy to expand with home rules

I’m not sure if I’ve reached those objectives but here’s the result: a solo Fantasy RPG sandbox (pure PnP style)In detail, the game has two main components:

  • World Building: the rules to create the World
  • World Exploration: the rules to explore the World

The World Building rules cover the creation of the World, how to create new locations to explore, new challenges for your player. A World Atlas will provide a ton of locations to start with, but I’m expecting you’ll be able to easily add you own.

World Explorations rules describes how you will interact with the World you’ve just created. Those rules are system agnostic and can be used with the suggested ruleset or any d20-compatible RPG system.

Missions have been designed to provide a “goal” for your gaming sessions; you will find that in order to complete a Mission you will need to add new Locations to your World; building and exploring are part of a single game experience. NPCs complete the scene: they can provide valuable info, sell items or act as allies in your adventures.

I’ve created an Exploration Engine that contains a very simple set of rules compatible with most of the fantasy d20 RPGs. Players will find very easy adding any rule they like to enrich their games using their preferred RPG systems.

I’m planning to release the first playtest package tomorrow: while being on an early stage of development you should have a good idea about how it works. Depending on the feedbacks and interest, I’ll progress adding content to the game.

What if you don’t like it? Well, being free you have nothing to lose.

What if I don’t like Fantasy? You can change the setting and move it to Sci-Fi, Post-apocalypse, Pulp: this is an open sandbox.

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