After a looong pause (sorry about it), here we are with another game aid for Blood on the Blade: this time is a simple toolkit to quickly create new Enemies for BoTB.

To create a new Enemy you proceed as follows:

  • Select one of the available templates (Human, Undead…)
  • Select one of the available attack templates
  • Select one or more abilities
  • Apply modifiers to the attributes of the Enemy

The use of modifiers allows a fine control on your new character, adding for example a stronger defense or increasing its HPs: the number of modifiers used in the design will determine the final RL of the Enemy.

Is this toolkit useful? Do you need more abilities and/or templates to play with? A waste of time? Let me know your comments/critics/suggestions to improve it!

Grab here the DYO Enemy Kit (ver 0.1)

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