As anticipated, the first exotic weapon for BoTB, the Whip!

This weapon causes little damage (one single dice) but can seriously harm a unit when the special Entangle attack is triggered. Here below the weapon details, also available in PDF format (a new page has been added to the menu to allow a quick access to the new weapons).

Exotic Weapon: Whip

Use Coloured dice “C”.

Type:                    Melee
Attack:                 D+C+2
Damage:             C*

While being a Melee weapon, a whip can be used against a target at 2MP range.

Special Damage Effect (*)

Those effects are always triggered if the attack is successful even if it doesn’t cause any damage.

Coloured dice:

(1-3): no effect

(4-5): Target entangled (put a marker near an entangled unit as a reminder)

(6): Target entangled, and in addition the attacker can choose one of the following effects

Chocking: target automatically suffers 1D of damage every turn (no DR) until the whip is freed

Trip: the Target must immediately execute a DEX(9) check. If the check fails the target is prone.

Entangled targets are unable to take any action except to attempt to free themselves: to remove the entangling whip, the target must succeed on a DEX(8) or STR(9) skill check. This attempt, regardless the result, is the only action available in the unit activation.

The unit wielding an entangled whip cannot move away from the target nor attack any other unit while the whip is ensnaring the target; the target can be released as a Special Action.

The PDF for this new weapon is avaible here:

Whip – special attack: Entangle

I’m finalizing a new Enemy that will use the Whip, so stay tuned. My idea is that every new component for BoTB released here will also include some context around it to make it easier to introduce it in the game.

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