New armor: Lacquered Bamboo Plates 

This armor is used by the Green Islands warriors and is constructed from many long bamboo plates connected to each other by colored cords: each warrior clan use specific patterns and colors of threads. The armor is lacquered to protect against the harsh climate of the Islands.

Type Name TN DR
Armor Lacquered Bamboo Plates +2 -3

Those armors are quite rare and cannot be assigned normally to your characters in the Warband Preparation phase; you can instead gain one of those armors as a special reward after a fight against an Enemy Warband as follows:

  • When facing an Enemy Warband on a Scenario roll 1d6: on a result of 5 or 6 you can replace one of the Reinforced Leather armors with a Lacquered Bamboo Armor (the Enemy gains an additional -1 DR).
  • At the end of the Scenario, if you are not escaped from it, you can add to your inventory one Lacquered Bamboo Armor; from this moment on, you can freely allocate the new armor to one of your Characters.

The PDF version of those rules is available here.

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