Spiders (especially the big ones) are key characters of every fantasy story: now, finally, you can introduce them in your Blood on the Blade games. In reality the Yellow Stripe Spiders made a first appearance in the Blood on the Dungeon expansion but a full enemy sheet was missing. One characteristic of the encounters with the Araknos is the presence of hatching areas, zones where the spiders can spawn at the end of each turn: your charactes will need to destroy those areas spilling/breaking a flasks of oil and then ignite them.

The Araknos will also introduce the special attack “Posion“, that will be probably introduced in the advanced rules. Poison damage is described with two values TN and DMG, for example Poison(8,1D).
Any Unit damaged by a Poison attack, in addition to the standard damage must immediately execute a CON(TN) check. If this check is Failed then the Unit suffers the damage specified.

The Enemy sheet for the Araknos is available here.

I’m planning to insert this Enemy Sheet in the BoTB package as soon as I got enough feedback from the player community, so don’t be shy and let me know what you think!

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