Just released, a new Enemy for Blood on the Blade, the Abyssals. Strongly inspired by the Lovecraft’ Deep Ones, the Abyssals are a race of undersea-dwelling humanoids, with a fish head and covered by scale, living in the deep oceans.

Deep One, by DaveGrasso (DeviantArt)

Abyssals feature a new type of damage, Bleed. Bleed rules will be probably retrofitted to the main rules in the next update, and I’m sure you will be able to use them for your own creations.


A character with a Bleed effect suffers X automatic HPs of damage at the end of each turn until he executes the Special Action “Emergency Bandage”.

Emergency Bandage (Special Action).

Roll 1d6:
(1) Action failed
(2-6)   Bandage successful: remove the Bleed marker

This first release of the Abyssals is mainly for BoTB, but they can of course be used also with Blood in Space: I’m planning to release a special scenario where your crew will be facing a rescue mission on a underwater station. Hybrids (Human-Deep One) will also appear on those pages very soon.

Get the Abyssals sheet here!.

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