I’ve been quite silent in the last months due to a lot of pressure on my “real” job but this doesn’t mean that I’m not progressing on the projects in pipeline. What you can expect in the next couple of months ? Here more or less the idea:

  • A new Scenario for Blood on the Blade for Halloween: you will be charged to find an Hag hiding on a village and it’s not going to be an easy task.
  • The new version of Way of the Warrior should be available before Christmas (here below the current cover): this is a complete redesign of a very old game of mine so if you ever played WoTW expect a totally new game experience.
  • I’m completing the new title in the Rifles series, this time focused on the Napoleonic wars (a few counters in WIP are also included in this post as preview). The game must be ready for November to finalize the publishing process.
  • Still need to define what will be included in the traditional “Christmas Gift Package”: BoTB or BiS (or both?)

As always your feedback is very important to me: let me hear your voice.

The Wary of the Warrior cover
French Grenadier (Rifles in the Peninsula)
French Dragoon (Rifles in the Peninsula)
British Rifleman (Rifles in the Peninsula)

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