Today starts the release of the first Living Campaign for BoTB, titled “The Ghost Temple”.

A Living Campaign is a series of linked Scenarios with a background story connecting them: it’s “living” since the Campaign content will be released incrementally, instead of a complete package, making possible for the players to directly influence it. New Scenarios, Enemies and special rules will be released in the next days, so as usual stay tuned…

The Story So Far…

You’re warband has been engaged to search for a long lost temple in the Green Islands: in the last months several sailors confirmed the sightning of the temple’s pinnacles on a large island in the North East of the Endless Ocean, but nobody dared to approach it due to the strong currents and the large reef around it.

Still, several merchants are sure that hidden treasures are waiting in this temple, and with the help of their money arranged two ships and found a captain willing to risk. Your warband was selected to participate to this expedition: your patrons gave you one Loot in advance as payment for the initial expenses (you can spend it using the standard rules) and so you’ve prepared your equipment and started this new adventure.

Everything was fine for the first three weeks, until you finally reached the sight of the island: here, while looking for a safe approach to the cost, an innatural, devastating wind smashed your ship against the rocks surrounding the cost. The other ship suffered a worse fate, slammed directly into the jungle that nearly touches the ocean waters. How is possible? The weather was clear… Magic ? There’s no time to debate about it: you reach the coast and start assembling a camp with the other survivors; most of the equipment was on the ship hurled on the jungle so you now need to search for some of the crates to ensure your survival.

You can now start your campaign: the first scenario and the sheet with the first new enemies is available here below. Enjoy the game and let me know your comments!

Scenario 1: Shipwreck!

New Enemy Sheet: White Apes.


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