As you’ll probably remember, I’m always looking for great tokens on the web to compensate my total incapacity on painting minatures.

I’ve recently discoverd Greb Bruni creations and I’ve been immediatly mesmerized: Greg’s creations are really great! Greg’s work covers not only the “classical” fantasy but also the Pulp (1930) era, Post-Apocalypse, Historical and Old West, just to mention some.

Here below one example of his art: Doctor Herbert West

Now, if don’t now the reanimator, it’s really time to discover the wonderful stories of H.P. Lovecraft, no excuses.

Dr. West and other Pulp characters (plus of course a lot of monsters) will be part of a new project I’m working on, currenly named “Blood in R’lyeh”, that will move the Blood *** engine to 1930; more on this on a later post.

Visit Greg’s site right now!

Stay safe and play games.

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