I’ve just release an update for Underworld Stories, my quick solitaire fantasy game of exploration and combat.

The update fixes several typos and errors (thanks again to those that contributed!) and adds a few small clarifications. As a bonus you’ll find a brand new dungeon, the Lair of the Plague Rat King ad a new item for your equipment (no spoilers here).

I take this opportunity to point out a new creation of Watabu, the One Page Dungeon. This is a true gem, a free generator capable of creating high quality dungeons freely available for personal and commercial use. Here below an example:

While being a newly released tool, the capabilities of this generator are already very promising: you can show/hide notes, hidden rooms, change the grid and shading mode and also export the page to use it in other free mapping projects.

I’m of course thinking on how to use this great tool with my own games and I’ve got several ideas so stay tuned: in the meantime visit the One Page Dungeon page and if you can support the author.

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