I’ve just uploaded on Wargame Vault version 1.0.2 of the rules for Blood in Space: a lot of (minor) fixes and clarifications. It looks like I’ve missed several copy/paste errors while trying to keep the game engine aligned with Blood on the Blade – sorry about that. You should receive a note from the system with the updated files very soon.

In the meantime, a few  BoTB players asked me how to use the BoTB content in the BiS universe: only a couple of notes are required

  • All BoTB weapons and armours are considered as “Primitive” in BiS
  • BoTB scenarios and Enemies can be easily re-used, represting the engagment of your Crew on a low-tech / Feudal planet.
  • The Pit Scenario can be used to represent a storyline where the players (or just a few of them) have been captured on such a Planet and condamned to the Gladiatorial games.

As usual, let me know your comments, suggestions and critics.

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