I must admit that the development of the 1PG titles and the ruleset of the next game in the Blood xxx series consumed a lot of my spare/spare time. Still I’ve not forgot the Blood on the Blade community so July will see (finally!) the release of some new components for BoTB – free, of course.

The first set of components will be focused on Mounted Characters: the second edition of BoTB added the rules for those figures and some examples of characters using them. Still, a lot can be added: the plan currently include Lancers (with a new weapon), wolf and bear mounts, mounted Skeletons and mounted Lizardmen. If you have a mounted figure you’ll like to use with BoTB just drop me an email or a comment here and I will work on it, promised.

A new Scenario will also be released in July: It’s a new Challenge that will provide unique Loot items but as usual nothing prevents to re-use it in your Campaign.

Thanks to everybody for the great support to BoTB!

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