Underworld Stories is the second title of the One Page Games (1PG) series: it’s a quick solitaire fantasy game of exploration and combat (in other words a Dungeon Crawl).

The game has been designed following the 1PG guidelines: all the components of the game are placed on a single sheet of paper and one 18 cards deck provides all the elements to randomize the game. To facilitate the campaign game, a separated Player Sheet has been added to track the progress of your Character.

You start the game creating and equipping your character, then you will generate the dungeon using the 1PG Deck, that will help you designing the random layout of the map (where and how to connect the rooms/corridors). Each Scenario includes unique events, encounters, obstacles and of course enemies that you’ll need to face during your exploration of the dungeon.

Combat is not resolved with a plain die roll but instead provides several tactical options in the form of the available Combat Actions: will you select a Strong Attack or instead a Feint and Counterattack? Enemies very often have special attack capabilities that you will need to evaluate to identify the best strategy: this is especially important when you’ll face the Boss.

Scenarios can be played (and re-played) individually or you can play them in succession as a campaign: loot and experience points accumulated by your character will allow to purchase better equipment and improve your attributes.

The game includes three different Scenarios, and new ones are already planned to expand the gaming options.

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Underworld Stories Components:

  • The game rules
  • Three game Boards for Map N1, N2 and S1
  • Player Sheet
  • The 1PG deck (18 cards)
  • “The 1PG Deck” document.

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