Several people asked my about the future of Blood in Space; I’ve surely provided more additional components for Bloon on the Blade, but this is also related to the interest of the BoTB community.

It’s now time to talk about BiS//2.0. The plan is to relase a new edition of the game that will re-use 100% of the exiting material while adding a lot of new gaming options, and specifically:

  • a new ship exploration system, based on special cards and tons of events, to make the ship missions more challenging, fun to play and rewarding for the BiS players
  • PSI rules
  • new enemies (including the new Chaos Demon race)
  • new equipment

BiS//2.0 should be avaialble for the end of April, COVID permitting. In the meantime, you can find here a first preview of the content, the Incubus, one of the largest demons (still in WIP, of course)

More info on BiS//2.0 in the next days so stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Blood in space // 2.0

  1. Great news!
    if possible in this new edition, pls add some insight or guide on how to balance things out for one-off games.

      1. Indeed, that Is it the only concern that I have with the game as It stands at the moment, along with more content of course….best of luck for the new edition

  2. Hi,

    hope you are doing well.

    I am really interested in both Blood on the Blade and Blood in Space. I saw that you have both rules in a bundle on drivethru rpg.

    Are you planning on putting the 2.0 Version of Blood in Space into a bundle with Blade as well?

    1. Yes, Blood in Space 2.0 will be bundled with Blood on the Blade 2.0.

      As a guideline, customers that bought BiS in the last 60 days will receive an email to get this new edition for free. All other customers will receive a great discout voucher to get the new version at a very low price.

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