The design process for the new rules and components for BiS 2.0 is quickly proceeding so it’s time to provide a preview of one the main additions to this new edition of the game: Starship crawl.

In Bis 2.0, Starship missions will use a new deck of Sector cards to generate the starship interior. Each mission will provide the objectives (example: reach the Bridge) and the rules to build the deck (number of cards, specific cards to include/exclude).

Eeach Sector Card contains the map of the sector, the Event Markers to use, the enemy presence and the special rules (when required). Here below you can see an example of one sector card.

At least 36 events will be included in the game to allow a great variety of encounters, covering classical situation like darkness, explosions, hull breaches and of course lucky findings of equipment. Sector cards will of course include special events unique to the location.

About the terrain, it’s not common to have enough scenery to represent the starship internal; I’m expecting tha most of the BiS players will use instead terrain tiles to represent the map. The good news is that starship tiles are very common: many board games include components that can be easilt used to create corridors and rooms. PnP versions of this type of terrain are also available at a very cheap price but considering the quite difficult situation we’re living in those months, I’ve decided to add to the BiS 2.0 package a full set of terrain tiles. Here below a sample of the current design.

Terrain tiles are designed with a 2.5cm (one inch) square size, but of course you’ll be able to scale them down to accomodate smaller miniatures games as well.

BiS 2.0 will provide everything you need for great spaceship missions; as usual, let me know your comments and suggestions, this is the right time to see your ideas included in the game!

Stay safe, and keep playing.

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