The dungeon crawl expansion for BoTB is finally ready (here below the cover) and is now available here on Wargame Vault. There’s virtually no limit to the content that could be added to dungeon scenarios so let me know if you like this type of game or if instead you prefere a classical skirmish session.

In the meantine, I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas. Buon Natale from Italy!

3 thoughts on “Blood on the Dungeon

  1. Hi Gottardo. I’ve bought BotB just couple days ago, and didnt have a chance to play yet. While reading the rules I tought “this game begs for dungeon crawling version!” and – poof – you delivered this! I am very pleased. Thank you for constant work on this title and all free expansions so far. One question for clarification: BotD has movement and all tailored to square grid map, am I right?

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