Happy New Year! After a few days 100% dedicated to the family is now time to return to the gaming table. What to expect for this first days of 2018 ?

For Blood on the Blade I’m completing a new enemy sheet with the  Araknos (Spiders): this will make possible to use the Spiders in your standard BoTB campaign with some special rules to introduce the hatching areas in the map. Expect the Araknos to be published here in the next days.

Blood on the Dungeon currently include a linear exploration mission, where you basically move inside the Aghamon Crypts looking for loot and fighting monsters (that’s what dungeon crawl is). I’m finalizing several “final rooms” with unique enconters to cover missions in the crypts aiming at a specific location: think about quests where your warband has been charged of finding some long lost artifact or instead is trying to reach an area following the directions of some rumors/legends.  This content will appear as an update to the BoTD package on Wargame Vault.

The next Aghamon Gazette will include the rules for mounted characters (and enemies), in order to expand the tactical options of your warband.

Later this year (February ?) another game in the “Blood” series: this will be a new title using the same engine of BoTB but with a totally different background…

So, enjoy this new year, that I sincerely hope will be more generous of the 2017, and stay tuned.

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