The next title in the “Blood on..” series will be Blood on the Space: the Sci-Fi background has been requested by a lot of players of BoTB and is also one of my all-time favourites of course (being one of the Star Wars kids).

The jump into the future required some changes to the BoTB engine but the core mechanics are still there: let’s have a look a some of the main elements introduced.

  • A new action is available for the PCs to represent an overwatch stance of the characters: rapid fire weapons make possible to break the standard sequence of play interrupting the enemy actions.
  • Terrain is now generated using some specialized tables instead being included in the Mission setup: this increases the replay value of each scenario and makes possible to easiliy introduce different planetary conditions (desert, jungle)
  • Indoor scenarios are included in the core rules: exploration of abandoned (?) starships is a must for any Sci-Fi game
  • The Pit scenario has been replaced by the Hunt: to gain Reputation Points you will now need to hunt the most dangerous species of the galaxy.
  • A simple money system has been introduced to manage the purchase of special equipment pieces
  • Equipment has now an Availability trait: Common items are always available, Military equipment is only available for Military contracts and Expensive items require the use of the new money.
  • Equipment now includes also special resources (grenades, medikits..) that can be equipped by your characters.
  • Weapon traits have been expanded to include different types of damage (sonic, flame, stun), to improve the tactical options

Here below the WIP cover of the new title:

Blood on the Space will be available in Wargame Vault in the first week of April.

Let me know your comments/suggestions as usual.

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