I admit it, I’m very bad in painting miniatures: for this reason normally I play with “raw” miniatures taken from my library of games (like Descent).

An alternative is the use of paper miniatures: you can find tons of such a miniatures on the web (for example in Wargame Vault under the category “Miniatures”); just print them and you’re army is ready in minutes (well, you also probaly need to attach them to a thick paper and prepare a solid base). I often use paper miniatures like the ones produced by Darkfast, definitely good in quality and with a great price.


If you prefer the top-down view (this makes *much* easier to prepare the terrain), the only option I’ve found are the tokens used with applications like roll20, like those available here in Rpg Now:


The limit is that those tokens are normally not intended for printing, but if you find figures with at least a size of 300×300 pixels you can create a top-down miniature of 1″ good enough to be printed and used for play.

For top-down token I can surely suggest to look at Devin’s Token Site


they have very good tokens that you can also print. The Free pack (20 sets of miniatures) includes probably 90% of what you need. Recommended (here below a sample)

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