I’m currently working on the new content for BoTB that I’m planning to release this weekend: it’s a new Enemy Sheet focusing on the Slavers of the Green Islands (and yes, they use  whips to capture their preys).

My plan is to release every weekend one “major” content, while other bits of game aids will be released during the week, depending on the time/ispiration.

In the meantime I’m preparing the free expansion that I’ll release for Christmas, tentatively named “The crypts of Aghamon”. More on this on a later post, but the underlying idea is to provide a full set of rules and content to add the dungeon crawl experience to BoTB.

A lot of additional ideas are on my table: new Enemies of course, new equipment, rules for mounted characters, magical items… When you’ll see them published? This clearly depends on the success of the game and on your feedback. So let me hear your voice: what would you like most seen published here ?

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