The first Companion for BoTB, the War Hound, is now available here!

Now, dogs and wolves are already described in the DYO play aids, so why  a specialized sheet for the War Hound?

There are several reasons:

  • First, I didn’t like the idea of a war hound that is capable of a fully indipendent action on the battlefields. The rules make possible to give the war hound orders like Attack!, Back!, but also set some limitations on what they can do without a specific order
  • Second, I wanted the War Hound to be capable of progressing during the campaign game: those companions can now gain XP that can be spent to improve their stats as any other character
  • Third, I wanted to create some sort of link between the war hound and its master: this also creates a small story behind this companion.

So let’s grab this new rules for BoTB and let your new trusted friend join the battle! Let me know your comments/suggestions/critics as usual.


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