Several players asked me about the “classical” characters of the fantasy world, like for example Dwarves and Goblins: Blood on the Blade include more than 70 different enemies but some of the “classical” characters are missing; while is not difficult to create new enemies (have you seen the DYO Monster Toolkit and the Character Editor ?), I’ve started working on some of iconic characters to make possible to have them on the gaming table during this holyday season: the first bunch of characters is available on the PDF

Classical Characters and Enemies

You’ll find here both the RL1 Enemy roster and the rules to use it as  a character for Dwarves, Wood Elvers and Halflings.

In addition, you’ll also find the first version of the Goblins Enemy Sheet: I’m planning to add the Goblin riders (using the new mounted rules found on the 2nd edition) in the next iteration of this new addon. Let me know what characters you’ll like to see added, and of course

Happy Holydays!

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